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June 26, 2009


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In the weeks leading up to our second ultrasound scan, lots of people began asking me whether we’d be in favour of taking a closer look at baby’s undercarriage to determine its sex.

This is something I’d studiously avoided the first time around, allowing Tadpole to creep up on me by stealth. I was hankering after a little girl, but knew that whoever popped out (oh, if only that were an accurate verb, it makes it sound so much easier than the fourteen hour marathon her birth really was) would instantly steal my heart.

Despite an overwhelming intuitive feeling that the inhabitant of my womb was a boy this time around, I found myself, once again, hoping for a girl. The official reason I gave, when pressed for justification, was that I’m not a big fan of golden showers. I’ve heard several horror stories – from reliable sources – about boy infants and their fountain-like abilities during nappy change time and decided this was not something I felt the need to experience.

But – joking aside – the real reason was that I have little firsthand knowledge of what makes small boys tick.

I grew up with two younger sisters, you see, and although I actually have twin brothers as well, we didn’t meet until I was almost thirty and they were in their late teens. Small boys are therefore something of an unknown quantity to me and preferring the idea of a daughter over a son was probably a case of ‘better the devil you know’.

Observing friends of mine with their sons from a safe distance, I’ve often found their levels of boisterousness overwhelming. And I’ve noticed other differences too. The way infant males tend to cling to their mothers, for example, often quite literally, wrapping themselves around their mummy’s legs like bindweed when they are going through the separation anxiety stage.

The Boy was adamant that he wanted to find out the sex of our baby at the second ultrasound scan, and I decided doing things differently this time was a good way to ring the changes, so we informed the doctor of this just as she was noisily squirting a huge quantity of lube onto my belly. She nodded, but explained that she’d be taking all the usual second scan measurements first, and would look at the genitalia afterwards.

And by the time she got to the money shot, I have to admit that I was so preoccupied with the baby’s SIZE that all gender-related considerations had taken a back seat.

Baby’s estimated weight – at 22 weeks – was 570g. I happened to know for a fact that the average weight at this stage tends to be more like 430g, meaning that baby was about two weeks ahead of him/herself. The head, femur and foot measurements were all equally supersized, placing baby in the 90th percentile. How on earth, I began to wonder, eyes watering in premature anticipation, was I ever going to get this baby out of my womb without breaking my pelvis in two?

And then there it was, the turtle-like outline on the ultrasound screen that clearly indicated that my (and the Boy’s) intuition had been correct. Le bébé is indeed a he, just as we’d both suspected.

A few days later, I find I’m getting used to the idea of male offspring and I even bought a delightful blue robot-print babygro in the sales, by way of celebration.

But as for the size issue, my eyes still water every time I allow myself to think about that.

Oh, boy.


  1. first !

    (and I was the one having the feeling that it was going to be a Boy!)

    Comment by The Boy — June 26, 2009 @ 4:14 pm

  2. Oh dear.

    If it is any consolation, my friend got the same message, but baby turned out to be quite a normal size.

    Congratulations on the healthy, little boy! I have a boy myself, and it is SO much fun :)

    Comment by Penny — June 26, 2009 @ 4:22 pm

  3. Oh boy, indeed.

    A nice surprise, though, the boy. :-)

    Comment by alcessa — June 26, 2009 @ 4:47 pm

  4. Congratulations! I had much the same thoughts about gender but now with an older daughter and younger son, it is really wonderful. You get to experience so much, and boys LOVE their mommas. Plus the girl being older is very sweet and mothering.

    Comment by Amy — June 26, 2009 @ 4:48 pm

  5. Thank you for sharing this new information. Now we know we’re pulling for a son for you. How does that sound–you will have a son. As the father of two boys and two girls, my experience has been that the boys were both quieter at all age stages. Take care of yourself–you are as precious as your soon to be son. P.S. although I am by temperment more attracted to girls, I can say that the idea of a son will weigh with awesome import on your husband.

    Comment by Steve G — June 26, 2009 @ 4:59 pm

  6. Boys are cool – I have two! Yes they’re loud, but they’re absolute cherubs too (when they’re sleeping). As for the size thing – are c-sections common in France? Again, I had two. I highly, recommend them! :)

    Comment by Ness @ Drovers Run — June 26, 2009 @ 5:21 pm

  7. I found out about these a couple weeks ago, and by that time I had gotten used to dodging the fountain, so to speak, but had I known about them earlier I may have invested some cash:

    Apparently, when the baby gets older, the strength of the pee can actually make it FLY OFF, which sounds amusing (then you can dodge both the teepee and the pee, which makes for even more of a challenge!).

    Comment by kim — June 26, 2009 @ 5:35 pm

  8. Congratulations! Having raised a daughter and now raising a son, and, of course, loving both equally, there is something about the bond between a mother and a son that is different from the bonds we share with our daughters. My son is far more protective of me than my daughter was at the same age, and far more affectionate and loving. Your little boy is going to capture your heart in ways you can’t even imagine…

    Comment by Sharon — June 26, 2009 @ 5:35 pm

  9. Congratulations!

    Comment by sprite — June 26, 2009 @ 5:37 pm

  10. Mine too ! How brave you are.

    I agree with you completely about the ability that small boys have to cling to their mothers – the terrible two’s will really give you something to write about !

    But one thing I’ve noticed as well is how important a role you will play as Mother to a boy when he grows up. More so that a girl because you are majorly responsible for his attitude to other women as he gets older and what type of boyfriend/husband/father he might become. A mighty responsibility and one I’m sure you’ll breeze through. It’s tough though – and I’ve certainly come across men still umbilically attached to their mothers (often because their mothers want them to be) that mean they are incapable of normal relationships.

    I have no idea how to get it right and am in awe of those who do ! Best of luck to you and the Boy.

    Comment by Elise — June 26, 2009 @ 6:37 pm

  11. I have two boys, and therefore had two moments of profound disappointment during my scans. I was so sure I wanted a girl.

    Now I realize that I could never handle a girl, and that I was given what I truly needed.

    You’re in for a wild ride, but there is a reward — there is no love like the love a boy has for his mother! Congrats!

    Comment by Amy B. — June 26, 2009 @ 6:45 pm

  12. Congratulations! I’m sure you will be a lot better with your new little boy than you’re anticipating. Best of luck! Glad you’re back posting more often–we all missed you.

    Comment by Courtney — June 26, 2009 @ 7:03 pm

  13. wow this is such an exciting post! congratulations!

    Comment by Mikki — June 26, 2009 @ 7:11 pm

  14. Congratulations, you now get to experience a different side. As for his size, good luck.

    Comment by JoeInVegas — June 26, 2009 @ 7:23 pm

  15. Oh Petite,boys are wonderful!I have a girl and a boy and I do agree on many of your points but my son is just amazing.
    Tadpole will love to boss him about…good practise for later on in life!!
    Hope your ‘little boy’ slows down in the growth department before his arrival!

    Comment by lex — June 26, 2009 @ 7:42 pm

  16. I have two little boys, now four and two. Like you, I was apprehensive, having grown up with only a sister. I knew nothing about little boys (other than my impression of them as a little girl; ie. dirty ,smelly, boisterous).

    Let me tell you first that ‘golden showers’ are nothing to worry about – I think it only ever happened to me once, and it didn’t spurt into my eye or anything. Secondly, I don’t think that boys are any more clingy than girls – having seen friends with both, I think it depends more on the individual child. What they are is very energetic. They need plenty of exercise – it’s a bit like having puppies. But they are very, very loving, fascinating to watch and great fun. You will simply love having your own miniature man in the family. Good luck.

    Comment by nappyvalleygirl — June 26, 2009 @ 8:07 pm

  17. Mes felicitations, Petite! Have you told your Tadpole yet?

    Comment by B — June 26, 2009 @ 8:18 pm

  18. Une césarienne ? ! !

    Comment by Timide — June 26, 2009 @ 8:32 pm

  19. Yay for little boys!!!

    Have you told Tadpole? How is she taking to the idea?

    Comment by Jenny — June 26, 2009 @ 8:50 pm

  20. Congratulations, and good luck with your super-sized baby boy :)

    Comment by Rachel — June 26, 2009 @ 8:56 pm

  21. Congratulations on your news – a baby boy! Now is he going to be Tadpole II, or Froggie, or something else entirely?

    Comment by Suzi — June 26, 2009 @ 9:21 pm

  22. oh gosh, Petite, don’t dwell on the size too much! Congratulations on having a blue one and I know completely what you mean about feeling more familiar with what one might do with a little girl!

    good luck!

    Comment by kilburina — June 26, 2009 @ 9:43 pm

  23. Congrats to having a boy! I felt just like you with my baby, hoping for a girl since I had no clue about what boys are like at all. Then it was a boy and now I can’t imagine having a girl. You’ll love it! And besides, you already have the most perfect little girl!

    Comment by Eva — June 26, 2009 @ 9:50 pm

  24. One of each….that’s just perfect.

    Comment by Googlebear — June 26, 2009 @ 10:00 pm

  25. Sort of le choix du roi…

    I had a girl first and a boy second, too. Was worried because I wanted another girl (because of the boyness of all the other little boys I’d seen), but I needn’t have worried. Now 11 and set to rentrer en 6ème in September, my son is a nice combination of BOY and SWEET. I bet yours will be too.

    Comment by Alison — June 26, 2009 @ 10:22 pm

  26. Boys are really fun. And someone mentioned it up there that they are very doting on their Mamas and I can confirm that. My son is so sweet with me it’s really heart warming and he’s rough and tough with his Daddy which I am just fine with. We’re having the opposite this time around and I am anxious about being a Mama to a girl.

    And don’t worry about the possible showers at diaper change time. You’ll be having fits of laughter when it happens and will have something to joke about for many diaper changes to come.

    Comment by Aimee — June 27, 2009 @ 12:23 am

  27. Je confirme pour avoir plusieurs exemplaires de chacun des deux sexes que les garçons brassent plus d’air que les filles et qu’ils t’arrosent désagréablement lorsqu’ils sont petits.
    Malgré un petit frère, j’ai eu l’impression d’une invasion d’aliens quand cette sorte de petits êtres a fait son apparition dans mon logis.
    Mais on s’habitue et on finit par s’y attacher à ces extraterrestres…

    Comment by marie-Hélène — June 27, 2009 @ 12:35 am

  28. Aw, that is definitely exciting. If I’d had a girl I think I would find it hard to get my head around having a son! It’ll be fun to have new challenges though. Not all the same second time around.

    Comment by L.C.T. — June 27, 2009 @ 12:45 am

  29. Elective c-sections are really the way to go!

    Comment by Lena — June 27, 2009 @ 1:49 am

  30. :) Congrats on a boy :) Bigger babies are amazing, I was almost 2ft tall when i was born, I may as well have walked out..

    Bigger baby, bigger brain ;) x

    Comment by Sabine — June 27, 2009 @ 3:03 am

  31. Being of the male persuasion myself, I wouldn’t dare comment on the size and how to get him out. I will just say this: Congratulations, looks like he’s in great shape !

    Regarding golden showers, I can comment as a father of one boy and 2 girls. It’s not too difficult to learn how to deal with this. First, there is a warning sign. Yes, you absolutely see what I mean. Just be ready with something to absorb the fountain when it starts pouring. Lightning reflexes and proper use of the old nappy will save the day. Have fun !

    Comment by ontario frog — June 27, 2009 @ 3:13 am

  32. I’m sure tadpole will adore her little brother, when he eventually pops out. Looking forward to MORE stories…and pictures:)

    Comment by edina monsoon — June 27, 2009 @ 4:43 am

  33. That’s wonderful! I was secretly wishing for a boy when I found out I was having baby #2. I now have 2 girls and it’s fantastic.

    Oh, and don’t worry about the size of your giant baby. Once you have had one the second one just slides out….

    Comment by Amanda — June 27, 2009 @ 7:11 am

  34. Congratulations, Catherine! I hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

    Comment by Rachel — June 27, 2009 @ 7:31 am

  35. Congratulations! Nice to have different experiences.

    Comment by Frances — June 27, 2009 @ 3:54 pm

  36. I think you’ll find that the water-jet on the MkII Tadpole will be adjustable for direction.

    What will you call him? French or English name?

    Comment by Steve... — June 27, 2009 @ 6:13 pm

  37. I have two boys aged 7 and 5 and i must say theu are completely mummy’s boys. They are both so loving and the amount of kisses and cuddles i get is amazing.
    You’ve experenced being a mummy of a girl and now heres a new experience of being a mummy of a little boy, enjoy it hun

    Comment by kat — June 27, 2009 @ 9:51 pm

  38. boys are amazing. Loving, fun, so energetic, desperately want to please. No mind games, just huge love. I could carry on having boys for ever. I love my daughter just as much as the boys though!

    Comment by louise — June 27, 2009 @ 10:45 pm

  39. Git er done :-)))))))


    Comment by ==Alaska — June 28, 2009 @ 12:20 am

  40. oh Petite,,,,,,,this is wonderous news! Although there is much to be said for sisters and their bond, there’s also a lack of comparison with a boy added now. Everyone their own toys, clothes, interests, and fun for tadpole to have all fun boy stuff around! Enormous congratulations. The boy seems to know what’s what,,,,,,,,if you get my drift! Snoooooooort.

    Comment by beaune_jewels — June 28, 2009 @ 1:46 am

  41. Oh, boy … and good luck! And of course congrats.

    Comment by ellie — June 28, 2009 @ 7:51 am

  42. My 19 m old boy is the polar opposite of clingy: he has only learned how to give kisses! Although he leads me to believe that it is true that little boys do no walk anywhere, they simply always run… for the size: they are not always right, it’s guess work, my cousin was recently induced for a “dangerously” small baby who had “stopped” growing….baby came out a health 6lb13, it’s all rubbish if you ask me.

    Comment by Mrs P — June 28, 2009 @ 8:40 am

  43. Fountains not problematic – just arm yourself with a ball of cotton wool, open the nappy and use the cotton wool to point the ‘hose’ downwards – it helps rinse the poo off the bum

    Comment by j — June 28, 2009 @ 12:23 pm

  44. Don’t worry bc:
    1/ Measurements are not accurate. When I was pregnant my baby was supposed to be in the 95 percentile. When he was born, he was indeed bigger than average, but barely (51 or 52 cm)
    2/ It isn’t the length that matters but the head’s width.

    Comment by katioschka — June 28, 2009 @ 3:18 pm

  45. I think a little boy would be lovely! I mean, there may be boistrous ones out there but there are also some very sweet-natured ones. Bon courage xx

    Comment by crazykites — June 28, 2009 @ 6:19 pm

  46. #7: Surely this isn’t a problem that requires spending yet more money for a solution. Couldn’t you just put a folded washcloth between the baby’s legs when you change his nappy?

    Comment by Passante — June 28, 2009 @ 7:48 pm

  47. Boy Energy! Yikes

    Imagine thinking of Tadpole as serene. LOL


    Comment by Danna — June 28, 2009 @ 9:38 pm

  48. Yes, know exactly what you mean. Have a toddler girl and loving it. Terrified of boys and the showers…especially since I have actually witnessed one myself. barely missed me and the parabola is impressive. But, saying that, isn’t it wonderful to have one each?
    good luck, it is a great news.
    Your book was great btw.

    Comment by scary azeri — June 28, 2009 @ 10:03 pm

  49. congrats petite!

    how did tadpole react to the news?

    im sure there were some interesting tidbits there to share!

    Comment by kara — June 29, 2009 @ 1:15 am

  50. My son will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. Like you, initially I was hoping for a girl. Once we found out blue would be the predominant color, I forgot all about a girl.

    To reassure you a bit, at all of his ultrasounds Marley was 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule according to the scans. They were anticipating he’d be about 8 pounds. When he was actually born, he was 6 pounds 3 ounces. I found out after the fact that the weights and measurements they give you are still just estimation.

    Congratulations on your baby boy! He will be quite an amazing adventure, I’m sure.

    Comment by Danielle — June 29, 2009 @ 3:33 am

  51. I’m an only child with 3 sons. You can imagine how scared I was to be having boys when I only knew what I was like as a little girl. I love my boys and they are never playing mind games with me. They are just straightforward, so I’m sure you’ll love that aspect yourself.
    Congrats on having one of each– soon.

    Comment by GutsyWriter — June 29, 2009 @ 6:51 am

  52. That’s great news!

    Don’t worry too much about the size thing though. I had about 4 ultrasounds during my pregnancy and each time was told that my baby was enormous. Then when she finally arrived she was exactly average: 52 cm and 3.3 kg.

    Is Tadpole excited about the idea of a brother?

    Comment by Hazy — June 29, 2009 @ 9:34 am

  53. Congratulations and BRILLIANT in my opinion to have one of each: no chance of jealousy/competition and a whole range of new experiences in terms of everything from nappy-changing (!) to toy/clothes buying and handling. I had a daughter and then a son and thought myself so blessed – and I have to say (if I’m not rubbishing our gender too much?!) that boys are so much less complicated and their love for their mothers is deliciously uninhibited and straight forward. What a treat for you all!

    Comment by Lindy — June 29, 2009 @ 11:16 am

  54. Congratulations on The Little Boy!!
    Whatever you do, please do not have an elective Caesarean based on the baby’s size, only if the doctors tell you it’s the best thing to do in your circumstances.
    I had an emergency Caesarean with my second baby and the recovery is no walk in the park, that’s for sure. Obviously the first few days after a natural birth are hard, but a Caesarean was infinitely worse, for me anyway. I was barely able to stand upright for the first week or more, the staples were very uncomfortable, etc. etc. Obviously it was wonderful because my daughter was born safe and sound, but I would never “choose” to have major abdominal surgery instead of a natural birth. Don’t worry about the baby’s body size, as someone said, the only relevant measurement is the head anyway…:)

    Comment by happyforyou — June 29, 2009 @ 11:18 am

  55. Congradulations!
    I have two boys 2 and 4 yrs old. My syster has two girls 2yrs and 6months old. I must say that my boys are more for hugs and kisses than the older girl. Also she is not afraid of anything and you cannot look away for a minute. So I think it depends on the caracters more then on the gender.

    Comment by MJ — June 29, 2009 @ 11:37 am

  56. ha ! I have 2 boys — just to NOT reassure you… when I was 6 months preggers with #2, all the doctors said, oh you’ll never go full term, we can induce at 8 months, it’s going to be a big baby (I didn’t want to know the sex). To make a long story short, at Term minus 1 day, I still looked like I was expecting triplets, and when he finally came out, he weighed 4,5 kilos for 55 centimeters. basically a one-month old watermelon, um, baby. And personally, I never got sprayed !

    Comment by magillicuddy — June 29, 2009 @ 12:23 pm

  57. What #44 said. The doctor will interpret MUCH more scary differences between what is expected and what s/he sees – and given that you weren’t called in to discuss any of those… don’t sweat it.

    However, keep in mind that you might possibly be giving birth slightly earlier than your due date, as the correspondence between size and date is notoriously iffy as well. So you might actually be a week further along than you think, and the baby a perfectly average size for its (his!) gestational age.

    Speaking as one who had the “choix du roi” – kids are great, period. You will all get along just fine, and Mr. Petite is going to be thrilled to propagate his family name.

    Comment by Heather — June 29, 2009 @ 2:00 pm

  58. Great news. I just knew I was having a boy too, I seemed to be so hungry during that first trimester … explained by his size, 8lbs 14oz (well nurtured I always say) and I’m 5ft1 … needless to say he wasn’t born naturally! I also felt the same way you did surrounded by girls as a child I was unsure how I would cope with a boy … its a lovely steep learning curve … they are definitely very different to girls. You are forming a lovely family … congratulations.

    Comment by Vic — June 29, 2009 @ 2:43 pm

  59. much congrats on the future birth of your son – mine 1s now 16, but i feel your pain! jake came into this world, 2 weeks overdue, at 12 lbs, 13 oz! now he’s 6′ 3″ tall and when i have to tell him what’s what, i actually have to look up at him to discipline him – an interesting quandry. he didn’t snap my pelvis – thanks to a c-section, but carrying around that weight was something! and in exchange for the looming possibility of a golden shower, i can say that boys are MUCH easier to raise than girls. no emotional dramas, potty training was done in 2 days, and he developed a strange sense of humor while always letting me know that he will always be there for me when i need him. having a boy is a whole different concept than a girl, and know in your heart that he will always protect his “big sis” too! You’re going to love it. best wishes!

    Comment by meme — June 29, 2009 @ 4:16 pm

  60. Bonjour et felicitations!! Best not dwell on his size too much eh ;o) Just go to your happy place!

    Comment by La Chat Noir — June 29, 2009 @ 5:59 pm

  61. You will love having a boy. I have one of each. Yes my daughter is far ‘easier’ than my son. But if you want entertainment its boys every time. Seriously boys are sweet in ways you could just not imagine.

    I also think the teenage years will be easier with boys – no mean girls capers.

    What does tadpole think? Will she try and pinkify him??


    Comment by Sher — June 29, 2009 @ 7:24 pm

  62. Very cool. I wish I had the nerve to find out the sex of my baby. Maybe… maybe soon.

    Comment by BeanMa — June 29, 2009 @ 9:55 pm

  63. Congratulations for the new baby.

    I’m a bit jealous (we have a 2 years old daughter and have been trying for more than one year for a second baby… Any gender would be very welcome !)

    Just a question: have you told your doctor about the itching ? Maybe it’s just a little skin problem (I hope that you don’t get too many stretchmarks), but be careful, it could also be a symptom of “cholestase gravidique” (I don’t know the proper English word, it’s a liver disease that causes some heavy itching to pregnant women, usually in the last trimester of the pregnancy). It’s quite rare, so it’s unlikely that it’s the cause of your itching, but better ask your doctor, as it can be quite serious. I thought about it because an acquaintance of mine got it at the end of her pregnancy, she needed to take some medication and the birth of her twins happened a bit earlier than what was planned initially.

    Comment by Estelle — June 29, 2009 @ 10:55 pm

  64. My younger sister had a 5.8kg baby, around 12lbs14oz for the non-metric. I was there with her, and the midwife. that was the key, the midwife, actually she had a second one helping out. my nephew was born naturally, no epidural, and no tears or stitches. it was her third baby, the other two each around 5kgs.
    the funny thing about the whole experience was, that her body adapted to the birth, like it wasn’t a big deal other than the big deal of birth, which is significant in itself for sure, but the size really didn’t seem to factor in that much.
    my nephew is not a big child today, in fact, he is a bit small for his age group…..
    congrats and good luck with everything.

    Comment by gwappa — June 30, 2009 @ 12:55 am

  65. I am a new Petite fan having only just discovered your book, and rather speedily finished it. My days are currently spent in catch-up mode on-line (up to October 07 today – so far). I have two girls (9 and 5) and a boy (3) and yes he was bigger but we had him brought on early as the other two were whoppers (and I’m not, ouch!) I am looking forward to reading all about your journey to the birth (and beyond) with your wee man. Enjoy.

    Comment by Lianne — June 30, 2009 @ 3:45 am

  66. You should go buy a super absorbant “t pee”. It’s a little triangle you place on baby’s pee pee to catch the sprinkle.
    And congratulations:)

    Comment by Catwoman — June 30, 2009 @ 6:43 am

  67. one of each. beautiful. congratulations…
    from what i hear, second births are usually very different from first births, so try not to worry to much about size. (easy for me to say, eh?)

    Comment by beyond — June 30, 2009 @ 7:01 am

  68. Hi Petite

    I recently read your book and have spent the last 2 weeks reading your blog from the start. Now that I’ve caught up with you I’m feeling a bit lost! Are there any up and coming blogs that you can recommend so I can get my daily fix?

    Congratulations by the way. I’m so happy that everything has come together for and that you (and tadpole) are so happy. I’m quite curious, however, to know what Mr.Frog is up to now? Has he also got himself a new partner?

    Can’t wait for the new book.

    Comment by Chicho — June 30, 2009 @ 12:08 pm

  69. I have three boys. The youngest was 10lb. I would totally recommend hypobirthing, it was the most pain free labour of all the births despite him being the size of a baby Hippo!
    Boys are lovely…enjoy…even the golden showers which are hilarious!!

    Comment by Andrea Daly — June 30, 2009 @ 3:21 pm

  70. I have three boys. The youngest was 10lb. I would totally recommend hypobirthing, it was the most pain free labour of all the births despite him being the size of a baby Hippo!
    Boys are lovely…enjoy…even the golden showers which are hilarious!!

    Comment by Andrea Daly — June 30, 2009 @ 3:21 pm

  71. My little boy is the most wonderful delightful extraordinary loving tender gorgeous imaginative intelligent perfect little being in the whole wide world. So will yours be.
    Golden showers : always put a towel under baby and have TWO babygros ready – they usuall produce the shower after you’ve changed them from head to toe.
    Apart from that, boys are easy: Thomas the Tank Engine, Thomas the Tank Engine Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder.

    Comment by La Grenouille-Rosbif — July 1, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

  72. Congratulations. Being the Mum to a boy myself (now 8!) and having no real experience of boys before this I understand your feelings…

    Boys are a complete joy. They worship their mothers! As for the “golden showers” – keep the nappy on… When my son was first born and I was changing his nappy I couldn’t work out why his face was wet – then the penny dropped. He never did it again! Now there’s a parenting tip you won’t find in the handbooks.

    Boys don’t sit still, do require attention and need lots of food and exercise. Much like keeping a dog really.


    Comment by Michelle — July 1, 2009 @ 2:40 pm

  73. Hi,

    I have been a fan of your books and site for a while now and also reading about your developing pregnancy. I am now excited to say that I am reading as a fellow pregnant woman and will happily read along to see how things (your bump) develops :-)

    Comment by california girl — July 1, 2009 @ 9:06 pm

  74. congrats for the baby boy!! am sure you’ll take great care of him… hope Tadpole is fine.

    Comment by girl across the ocean — July 2, 2009 @ 7:29 am

  75. Congratulations to all 3 of you! Little boys are gorgeously loving, I have popped out 3 whoppers with delightfully chubby knees and I was up cooking the dinner the same evening so don’t worry my love!! Best of luck xx

    Comment by 3boymum — July 3, 2009 @ 7:42 pm

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