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February 5, 2009


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At the risk of upsetting those of my readers who find self-promotion irritating, I just wanted to share with you the contents of the package that arrived this afternoon.

It occurs to me that Tadople may be a little vexed when she comes home from school and realises she is no longer a cover ‘star’ but, all in all, I’m very pleased with the book in its newest incarnation.

So, um, paperback petite should now be widely available in UK bookshops and supermarkets for as little as £4.00 (that’s the current going rate on Amazon, via the link to the right). The eagle-eyed among you will also note that there’s a trip to Paris on Eurostar up for grabs via a competition lurking within.

As of next week I shall be absconding to Belize with The Boy on my honeymoon in a bid to avoid teh internets in general (and Amazon rankings, in particular). I’ll be back to wow you with blurry photos of underwater fauna at the beginning of March.

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