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May 28, 2007

petite 2.0

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detail from a sampler I made when I was eleven years old

Having written an article for Comment is Free back in April about internet footprints and the danger inherent in leaving personal data all around the internet for future employers/parents-in-law to see, what have I gone and done? Enlarged my trail from its previously modest sparrow-like proportions into an elephant-sized paw print of worrying dimensions, that’s what. A week of enforced inactivity in a Yorkshire village was all it took to unleash my inner 2.0 monster.

The eagle-eyed among you have already noticed the petite myspace link in the sidebar, to your right, along with my facebook profile and associated non-official “fan” site, with its own cafepress merchandise store (I shan’t link to these as they are not my own creations). I’ve been scrobbling away in LastFM and joining groups with names that made me snort my Yorkshire tea down my nose. The only thing I have so far managed to resist – and I must, because it is the internet version of crack cocaine – is twitter. But I fear it is only a matter of time.

Where will it all end? Will I find myself unable to engage in any form of communication which does not involve a keyboard? Will my MacBook become welded to my satin pyjama clad thighs?

I fear for the future.

May 26, 2007

Yorkshire tag cloud

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satin pyjamas  Clarks shoes  Borders fish & chips
oolite  lastFM  Yorkshire tea  Tesco  guinness
bacon sandwiches  custard tart  Charlie and Lola

May 24, 2007


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Do you blog? Are you in Paris on Saturday 9 June? Do we look like the sort of people you would like to spend quality time with?

Details here, including email for signing yourselves up…

votez utile

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So, um, petite in jimjams? Anyone?

Cast your votes here.

And don’t forget my dear friends anna boat (personal) – eek, and Lucy Pepper too in same category, how is one supposed to choose? – jonnyb (UK), Le Blagueur à Paris (expat, writing) and nardac (underappreciated) …

update: results are available for viewing here.

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