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February 23, 2007


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“Are you sure it won’t be too weird, me meeting you and your friends for dinner in Marrakech?” I say, between forkfuls of crispy pancake. Mr Frog and I are having lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant tucked behind the Café Chéri(e) on boulevard de la Villette. Tiny and unassuming, it is nonetheless jam packed, and we were lucky to get a table at all.

“It will be slightly awkward, yes,” he replies with a half smile, “but we can’t not meet up. It’s too much of a coincidence that we’ve ended up both being there at the same time…”

“Well, I’m pleased you feel that way,” I say. “I’m quite nervous about being on holiday on my own, so it’s nice to know I’ll have some chaperones on my first night, at least.”

When I booked my holiday, you see, to neatly coincide with Tadpole’s stay with her French grandparents during half term, I knew Mr Frog was going to Casablanca, but neither of us had any inkling that a weekend in Marrakech was also on the cards. If he was going alone, meeting wouldn’t be odd in the slightest. We often do lunch, with or without Tadpole, or shoot the breeze by email or googlechat. But since our breakup nearly two years ago I’ve barely clapped eyes on any of his friends or work colleagues. They were more his than mine, and I figured I’d relinquished my right to see them. Not that they hate me or anything, and I’m almost certain that Mr Frog badmouthed me to no-one, because that’s simply not his style. But seeing these people after almost two years, after everything that has happened, both in public and in private, it’s bound to be strange.

I try to imagine the conversation we’ll have over pastilla and tajine in a rooftop restaurant overlooking the medina.

“So, Catherine, you’re writing a book now. What’s it about? It’s a memoir, right?”

I blush. “Well, er, meeting this guy for starters.” I point at Mr Frog with my fork. “And then, er, leaving him for someone else, and how we all dealt with that. Among other things.”

Oh yes, I feel sure this is definitely going to be weird.


  1. you will handle it with aplomb, I am sure!

    Comment by beth — February 23, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

  2. ah! the sequel, at last. you blog a great cliffhanger. it may be weird, but i’m sure you’ll carry it off in your inimitable, serene fashion. consider it material for the next novel about …

    Comment by mad muthas — February 23, 2007 @ 2:27 pm

  3. Yes, it might be a bit strange but it’s something your readers will be looking forward to hearing about.
    Have a really good time!

    Comment by sablonneuse — February 23, 2007 @ 2:30 pm

  4. The end of February seems to have come very quickly. Have a good time, and we’ll miss you.

    Comment by Pierre L — February 23, 2007 @ 2:37 pm

  5. Have you ever noticed that that place has the exact same waiters as Lao Siam? I think they must be owned by the same people, but the food at Lao Siam still seems better. And have you tried Krung Thep on rue Julien Lacroix? I have a guide that says it’s even better than Lao Siam.

    Have fun in Morocco!

    Comment by Romanbrent — February 23, 2007 @ 2:40 pm

  6. But another milestone reached as well.

    Have a fabulous time, and props to you for going on holiday alone.

    Comment by stressqueen — February 23, 2007 @ 2:58 pm

  7. Your predicament is reminding me of that scene in “Casablanca” where Rick sees Ilsa again after so long….Just avoid looking at Mr. Frog and blurting out “We’ll always have Paris.”

    Comment by Dave of the Lake — February 23, 2007 @ 3:04 pm

  8. Just for the fun, it is the first time I write a comment when no comment is online yet. Yeaahh!
    Now… I don’t remember what my bet was (“who is PA going to meet in Morrocco?”), but gosh… It seems so obvious that you’re a frog too! Let me explain. Since I started reading your story, I can’t help thinking that you will both end together… again. But well, for years my favourite movie has been “Sleepless in Seattle”.

    Comment by David — February 23, 2007 @ 3:10 pm

  9. It’s to both of your credit that you can manage to maintain a friendship despite everything. Best of all it’s best for l’il Tadpole. Bonne vacance!

    Comment by The Bold Soul — February 23, 2007 @ 3:15 pm

  10. oooooh first comment, aren’t I lucky?

    Ok, how’s this for weird and awkward? Have started seeing this guy who is a good friend of my ex. Hardly out of the ordinary I know. However, the previous ex (ex plus 1 we’ll call him) – a four year, very intense, Ross & Rachel style, messy towards the end relationship – has been seeing the new boy’s sister for about 6 months now. Oh, and the new boy and his sister live together. Its all very The OC and cringeworthy. If it wasn’t going so well with the new boy I wouddl have gotten out pretty sharpish……we might actually have something though so I’m going to stick out the awkwardness and see :o)

    Saying that I haven’t stayed over in his yet……that breakfast is going to be fun!

    Comment by Susie — February 23, 2007 @ 3:21 pm

  11. “Well, er, meeting this guy for starters.”
    then say “and much about raising tadpole”, and the conversation will take off on it’s own after that!

    Comment by (a different) Alice — February 23, 2007 @ 3:24 pm

  12. you are sooooooo lucky!

    la grande irlandaise x

    Comment by roisin — February 23, 2007 @ 3:24 pm

  13. Weird, perhaps, but at least you can talk about it. Mr. Frog seems like a pretty upstanding fellow.

    Comment by Adam — February 23, 2007 @ 4:06 pm

  14. weird is good. and what better place to do weird than Marrakech?

    you’ll do swimmingly. it sounds like you still have a great relationship.. better than mine with the lets dad, and we even holiday together sometimes. last year i holiday’d with his girlfriend and without him which frankly was fabulous.
    have a great time.

    i have been here before but not been able to comment.

    Comment by keda — February 23, 2007 @ 4:13 pm

  15. Sounds like fun! I’m sure they’ll be careful what they say to you – they won’t want to end up in the book! :)

    Comment by BlondebutBright — February 23, 2007 @ 4:26 pm

  16. “Well, er, meeting this guy for starters.” I point at Mr Frog with my fork. “And then, er, leaving him for someone else, and how we all dealt with that. Among other things.”

    A very Hugh Grant-y, conversation stopper of a line :-)

    Comment by Iain — February 23, 2007 @ 4:55 pm

  17. I am sure you will handle it fine :)
    Deep breath, smile mysteriously and say the minimum with regards to Mr Frog. Or play one of Tadpole’s recordings and you’ll have everyone eating out of your hand :p

    Comment by petit_litchi — February 23, 2007 @ 5:37 pm

  18. If you have not seen any of them for two years ask what has been going on in their lives – you might reveal a few weird answers! It works both ways!

    Comment by Nigel — February 23, 2007 @ 6:54 pm

  19. Yay, I guessed correctly!

    Comment by H — February 23, 2007 @ 7:09 pm

  20. …coming back to the filming…
    would be a great movie, I think. And with Paris… I haven’t been there only once – quite a while ago, but I loved it.
    Tour Eiffel looks great from street level – no chance of climbing up the tower for a guy with vertigo – I can barely look down from my balcony in the 11th floor. … but I digress. I am dying to read your book – in English and German.
    By the way, your name was publicly discovered after an article in BT(?), but someeone else did find it out – I think a little earlier… there was a certain “adventurer” from Germany… right Catherine?

    Comment by adventurer — February 23, 2007 @ 7:15 pm

  21. “I have been there only once…” of course… it was a long day at the office.

    Comment by adventurer — February 23, 2007 @ 7:16 pm

  22. Off abroad eh? Hey does this mean we get to talk to your mum again?

    Comment by meredic — February 23, 2007 @ 7:27 pm

  23. In my experience life just keesps getting weirder and weirder as you go along – the more you accumulate the more oddly it sits with everything that went before. (My ex-ex keeps saying he wants to take me somewhere for the weekend, but that just feels TOO weird. I mean what would the kids – or my ex – say…) But hey! Dinner with the ex and mates sounds great, and as you say – a perfect serendipity for your solo trip. Have a drink to weirdness!

    Comment by Ms Baroque — February 23, 2007 @ 8:07 pm

  24. Hang in there! You’ll be just fine.
    And if not, at least it will make for an entertaining post, right?!

    Comment by Victoria — February 23, 2007 @ 8:58 pm

  25. So what’s the address of that Vietnamese place? I’m in the ‘hood.. (feel free to e-mail me, you’ve got the address..)

    Comment by adrian — February 23, 2007 @ 9:23 pm

  26. Ah, Marakech.

    You’re going to love the red city, Petite.

    And the Atlas Mountains are fantastic, too.

    Enjoy that tajine !

    Comment by Roads — February 23, 2007 @ 9:55 pm

  27. Either way, excellent memoir fodder I would’ve thought! No? Although if you start living your life on that basis, I suppose, you’ll soon find yourself getting up to all sorts of madness! Fun perhaps from our point of view. Not so much, I would imagine, from yours. Fingers crossed, then.

    Comment by inspiredbycoffee — February 23, 2007 @ 11:25 pm

  28. Won’t it be nice? I always miss the friends after the break up, and regret that it’s the end of THOSE relationships too. Similarly when friends or relations break up with people you liked. You’ve got to be so careful (I know from experience) but it’s such a shame. Just enjoy seeing them, and if it’s awkward, keep the conversation on what THEY’VE been up to for the last two years!

    Comment by The B — February 23, 2007 @ 11:41 pm

  29. I wouldn’t be surprised if the meet is nothing like you imagined… I wish it ten times better for you than your imagined scenario.
    And, I wanted to let you know as a courtesy that I am finally adding a Blogroll to Livvy’s Life, and yours is there, given its unique quality, and being the blog that started me blogging in the first place. Also, I will be adding the Amnesty link – thanks for that

    Comment by Livvy U. — February 24, 2007 @ 12:48 am

  30. Why do you italicize pastilla and tajine? It’s like some awful neo-colonialism where you think you have to explain things to the natives.

    Comment by Dr X — February 24, 2007 @ 1:44 am

  31. It may be weird or it may simply be completely natural and feel like no time has passed at all… who knows?

    Comment by Ariel — February 24, 2007 @ 2:24 am

  32. Have a wonderful time! I can imagine the feelings you have. Zero expectations with the possibility for anything to happen – enjoy!

    Comment by C — February 24, 2007 @ 3:17 am

  33. Random? Life’s such. Interesting though, don’t you think?

    Comment by Mardo — February 24, 2007 @ 4:14 am

  34. Any remote chance of a reconciliation? It would make for a happy ending to the book, and imagine Tadpole’s joy. My daughter said last night she hoped her father and I wouldn’t get divorced because it “would take me like 20 years to decide who to live with”. I’m rather hoping by 27 she will be living with someone else!
    Have a good holiday

    Comment by Helena Frith Powell — February 24, 2007 @ 7:49 am

  35. Even if things get akward, you are in Marrakech! I was there a few weeks ago and loved it. It’s so amazing to find a place so totally different and exotique just a short distance away from France. If you get a chance, don’t miss Essouira-a fantastic village on the ocean of white and blue.

    Comment by Linda — February 24, 2007 @ 8:00 am

  36. Dr X,

    I’m an editor and it’s standard practice to put foreign words (for that is indeed what they are) into italics if they’re not in everyday use.

    How long did it take you to comb through petite’s post to find something – anything – to criticise? The use of italics, huh? It doesn’t get much pettier…

    I’ve been lurking for a long time but have never commented, so just to say I love your blog, petite, and long may it continue.

    Comment by Amber — February 24, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

  37. Last night an old girlfriend of mine had a flat warming party which I was invited to and attended. On the guest list were quite a long list of her friends and colleagues who I’d known but hadn’t had any contact with since the break up. Oddly enough they were perfectly fine with me and we got on as well as ever.

    I think most people tend to take a step back from other people’s relationship difficulties and settle for being friendly to both sides where appropriate. After all, if you and Mr Frog are getting on perfectly well, why should any of his friends hold a grudge?

    Comment by Ignorminious — February 24, 2007 @ 1:21 pm

  38. Hope that you have a lovely time in Marrakech. Perhaps we too will bump into each other!

    Heard a little girl singing in the loo at John Lewis on Thursday. She sounded like Tadpole.

    Comment by Rachel — February 24, 2007 @ 1:27 pm

  39. And maybe the book will end with you and Mr. Frog getting back together, eh? :)

    Comment by meritt — February 24, 2007 @ 3:16 pm

  40. Bonnes vacances and good luck.

    (Re: your other post, they’ve just jailed a blogger in Egypt too, apparently)

    Comment by FB — February 24, 2007 @ 3:46 pm

  41. These meetings are rarely as bad as we expect; I’m sure that Mr. Frog’s friends will easily recall why they like you. Relationships change and evolve; people have to be realistic and ‘grown up’ about it.

    I am always the one to leave, occasionally for other people, and I always relinquesh my right to see mutual friends. I prefer to shed my skin and start afresh, every time.

    Comment by Morgan — February 24, 2007 @ 4:49 pm

  42. Hmm. Maybe diplomatically avoiding the subject of the book would be the way to go, if possible.

    Enjoy Marrakech!

    Comment by Lost in France — February 24, 2007 @ 4:55 pm

  43. You may think it to be a coincidence. But will Mr Frog’s current squeeze?

    I couldn’t possibly comment…

    Comment by andrew — February 25, 2007 @ 2:18 am

  44. Such growth, very commendable.

    Friends are often casualties in relationship breakups, people backoff because they don’t want to impose or make people awkward but it’s been my experience that getting back in touch with lost friends (his or yours) can be a wonderful experience with people actually expressing regret that the relationship was lost.

    You can never have enough friends.

    Comment by qlddeb — February 25, 2007 @ 8:02 am

  45. I thought Mr Frog was a red herring when we played the “guess who I’m meeting in Morocco” game. Unlike one of the other commenters I rather like the italics bits although being semi computer illiterate it took me a while to realise you could click on them and find information behind as I did with the Atlas mountains. I saw the Atlas mountains when on holiday in Tunisia about ten years ago. We went there following an advertising campaign on the TV which showed exotic images but the thing that really stuck in my mind was the slogan “In your dreams you’ve been to Tunisia.”…simple but so effective. Hope you have a great time in Marrakesh but don’t tell Tadpole you’re meeting her Dad there…she’ll want to come to.

    P.S. I’m glad to hear Dave of the Lake sounding a bit more chirpy as I was sorry to hear about his relationship breaking up especially after all he’s been through with his liver. Hope things are picking up for you, Dave.

    Comment by Sue (the original one) — February 25, 2007 @ 9:58 am

  46. Please tell Drew Davies that while his cause is noble, it is lost in his plea for support for bloggers. The Chinese Government does not understand democracy, or the peoples desire for it. Do the people of China desire it? Do they know what it is. They have four thousand years of feudal rule, and regardless of what it is called, it is still feudal rule today. There is a lot of work to be done before China gets into the twenty first century with what we know as democracy. The only way this will happen is if the Chinese people do it themselves.
    Yes, this is the wrong post, but there is no post reply box on the Amnesty International post, and it needs to be said.
    (Yes, I know all about Tiananmen Square, I have been there. They still have to fight their Eureka Stockade and Valley Forge. By themselves. It might be with guns, it will likely be with yuan and dollars, but it has to be their fight.)

    Comment by PeterG — February 25, 2007 @ 10:27 am

  47. Singledom is the life for me Petite. Not having to sustain other people abusing my body for their own personal arousal is one of the main advantages.

    Comment by Trevor — February 25, 2007 @ 2:50 pm

  48. So much easier to do it oneself eh Trev?
    Me too…. me too….

    Comment by meredic — February 25, 2007 @ 6:01 pm

  49. Did you leave him for someone else or did you leave him because the relationship was no longer good for both of you?

    Maybe it’s the feminist in me, but I tend to think that when women say “I left him for someone else”, it takes away a woman’s power and sensibilities…it doesn’t allow a woman to be received as rational, self-aware, and logical.

    Instead of “I left because our relationship was no longer fruitful or what I wanted”…instead we hand the power over and say it took another man for me to leave.

    I thought you left because the relationship was simply not working anymore…

    Comment by Mlle Smith — February 25, 2007 @ 7:05 pm

  50. I disagree with Peter, I don’t think Drew Davies should consider his plea lost in the support of anyone. He is bringing attention to an extremely important issue. Nothing is ever a lost cause and it’s encouraging to know that there are people who are prepared to fight for the rights of others however far removed they may be from their plight.

    We could consider boycotting Chinese goods and not visit China…the drawback being that it would also hurt the people of that country at the same time but at least it would make the Chinese government sit up and listen. Western governments could do more to help too instead of sitting back on their laurels as they are at the moment.

    I don’t like this defeatist attitude which says – it’s their problem, let them get on with it.

    Comment by Sue — February 25, 2007 @ 8:02 pm

  51. Ugh, I was taking a shower tonight (…that’s not the important part) and I was thinking that I was genuinely concerned about the outcome of your trial (I don’t even know if that’s the correct term). And since we have never spoken in real life or even through comments – in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever left one before – I congratulate you on being engaging enough in your writing to, well, make me care. I guess that sounds weird, but good job and good luck! Enjoy yourself in Marrakech.

    Comment by Sasha — February 26, 2007 @ 4:56 am

  52. “P.S. I’m glad to hear Dave of the Lake sounding a bit more chirpy as I was sorry to hear about his relationship breaking up especially after all he’s been through with his liver. Hope things are picking up for you, Dave.”

    Thank you Sue. We are in counseling, but this is the third time around for us. If it doesn’t take, we’ll let’s say I am being cautious and putting preparations in place to protect myself.

    Comment by Dave of the Lake — February 26, 2007 @ 6:56 am

  53. hiya

    just found your blog and from the brief bit i’ve read, i would say you are a very able lady & are sure to handle a brief bit of weirdness in morocco!

    ria..making everyday count!

    Comment by ria — February 26, 2007 @ 1:03 pm

  54. Dear Dr. X at no. 30.

    Itallicising helps simple folk like us. It sort of helps people differentiate between French and English.

    Perhaps Dr. X, you ought to throw away that mask of anonymity and put your energy into writing a blog, so that we can all have some fun, and find fault with your English.

    Or, can you not write?

    Comment by Sally Lomax — February 26, 2007 @ 2:12 pm

  55. Have a nice holiday Petite! You’ll be fine!!


    Comment by Sally Lomax — February 26, 2007 @ 2:13 pm

  56. im brand new to your blog read this one post and loved it!!! i’m sure you will handle such an awkard situation with the grace of us british ladies! (well that doesn’t include me:( as i’m about as graceful as a turkey) hold your chin up! x

    p.s. not the one from above, but i’m sure you know that :s

    Comment by Rachel — February 26, 2007 @ 3:05 pm

  57. Dear Petite Anglaise:

    I read with interest the article in the February 21 edition of The Daily Telegraph about your blog while I was in Paris last week. I am wondering if you may be related to the late Ronald Sanderson who lived in the York area. My mother is Muriel Sanderson, daughter of George Thomas Sanderson. She is first cousin to Sir Russell Sanderson of Bowden.
    Any connection?

    Best wishes,

    Edmund Austin

    Comment by Edmund Austin — February 26, 2007 @ 5:05 pm

  58. I was going to write a note about how fun it all sounds – you’ll probably have a great night.

    I’ll buy you a drink next time you’re in London if you can get, “We’ll always have Paris” into the conversation.

    I do see a pleasing kind of symetry here – along the lines of what David said.

    Then I read Susie’s comment and am completely distracted – Susie we must know more.

    Comment by Damian — February 26, 2007 @ 6:35 pm

  59. I had tajine a few weeks ago. It was nice. I still don’t know what it is though.

    Comment by Hywel Mallett — February 26, 2007 @ 7:49 pm

  60. sigh, so i guessed wrong. i seem to be the only one who thought perhaps jim was going to make an appearance again, at long last. i have nothing against mr. frog, of course, but there was something about jim that i personally really liked.

    Comment by franko — February 26, 2007 @ 9:26 pm

  61. aren’t you capable of just breaking clean!

    Comment by rocket — February 26, 2007 @ 10:20 pm

  62. rocket – “Aren’t you capable of just breaking clean!” She has a child with that man, she can never break clean as you put it. I get the feeling that they wouldn’t want to anyway as they seem to like being friends. It is very difficult when couples break up for friends of that couple, though. It seems to be traditional to swear allegiance to the person who you were first friends with. I found this when friends of mine split up, the woman who I knew through her husband wrote me a letter saying how much she enjoyed my friendship and how she would miss it in the future…it was so emotional, I cried for days.

    P.S. Just a word of caution, as far as links (like ria’s one above) that ask you to install things like adobe I’m very wary about them. I paid to install acrobat the other day only to be told later that it can be installed for free. Sadly, there are people out there who are quite prepared to take your money for things illigitimately.

    Comment by Lucy — February 27, 2007 @ 12:30 am

  63. Long time reader – first time commenter!

    Love your blog petite, always a great read. Makes me wish i was single and living in Paris!

    Good luck with Mr Frog and friends in Marrakech (i have no idea where that is but is sounds exotic). You’re braver than most of us! Does Mr Frog have a new ‘squeeze’ as Andrew (#43) so delicately put it?

    Comment by Sez — February 27, 2007 @ 5:01 am

  64. Lucy,

    When I say breaking clean I don’t mean total avoidance. That would not be in the interests of the child. And of course IMHO there is nothing wrong with seeing each other on a friendly basis for the interests of the child. What is troubling for me is that this “dinner” will take place “par hasard” far from the neutral ground of home and secondly she imagines Mr. Frog questioning her about a book and movie deal. Somewhere I smell money in this or as the French say “intéréssé” When she booked the flight she knew Mr. Frog was going to Casablanca. Why not book elsewhere rather than “tenter la diable”

    I’m perplex but not naive.

    Comment by rocket — February 27, 2007 @ 8:07 pm

  65. May I add that it makes for a good story line

    Comment by rocket — February 27, 2007 @ 8:08 pm

  66. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that you’ve been nominated in the funniest blog contest that I’m holding. Full info can be found here:

    Comment by Stacy — February 27, 2007 @ 8:18 pm

  67. You might be surprised at how easy it will be to be with his friends. Especially if you liked them before. It is so natural to fall into old patterns.

    I went out for wings with my ex and his two best friends (one whom is my vet). It felt like I was transported back in time. It felt weird not to split the cheque.

    Comment by JC — February 28, 2007 @ 4:58 am

  68. well it does sound like you had interesting material for your book…you note from your personal experience…and this is what makes “your friends” crazy…advice them to have a LIFE!!!

    Comment by Momo — February 28, 2007 @ 10:17 am

  69. rocket, I understand that you are suggesting that Petite should make a clean break from alcohol and prescription drugs Making a clean break from such commodities for someone at her stage of absolute dependence and consumption could very well have disastrous and dangerous results, for myself included. My own opinion, and one that i’ve already reiterated such on this site, is that she should enter a rehab clinic. She doesn’t have to shave off her hair , but then again if she finds that doing so would be helpful… it’s for her to decide.

    Comment by Trevor — February 28, 2007 @ 11:08 am

  70. I would like to offer some words from Bob Dylan (at least that’s who sings it on my Ipod).

    See the pyramids along the Nile
    Watch the sun rise from a tropic isle
    Just remember darling all the while
    You belong to me.

    See the market place in old Algiers
    Send me photographs and souveneirs
    Just remember when I dream of you
    You belong to me.

    It sounds much better to music and in Dylan’s dulcet tones but you get the idea, I’m sure, I thought it was rather appropriate considering where Petite is but I was also thinking of Dave of the Lake…if your partner springs to mind when you see these words then you are definitely with the right person so keep at it. And for anyone who thinks this is their song, your wrong, it belongs to me and my partner.

    Comment by Sue — February 28, 2007 @ 12:24 pm

  71. The dialogue relating to Rocket’s suggestion of a clean break with Mr. Frog made me think of the relationship I have with my ex, the father of my two (adult) children. We have been apart for eight years, divorced for six or so. We have both (me even more than him) made huge efforts to remain on cordial terms ‘for the sake of the children’ and although we will probably both have issues and resentments about our marriage and its demise for the rest of our lives, we keep them behind closed doors.

    If you believe that you can ‘fake it to make it’, this is certainly true in our case: from our initial efforts has developed a great relationship: we are now good friends, acknowledge that we are both nicer people for being apart and we meet up, with and without our offspring, to break bread and catch up, with no desire whatsoever for each other, or to be back together again. We’re just good mates with a big slice of shared history and talk about everything, including our present partners (with limitations!)

    When we had lunch this week, my ex was bemoaning the fact that he needed a holiday and had no-one he wanted to go away with….and then he said his ideal holiday companion would be me! What a lovely compliment and what a long way we have come!

    Surely, if Petite and Mr. Frog are developing a relationship which works and is enjoyable with and without Tadpole, this can only be a good thing, for them and for her?

    Hope it goes well, Petite, and that you are having a great time.

    Comment by Lindy — February 28, 2007 @ 6:24 pm

  72. Dying for an update!

    Comment by ExAfrica — March 1, 2007 @ 12:33 am

  73. Wow, that Mr. Frog. He needs his own action figure!

    Bob Hasko T-Shirts

    Comment by T-Shirts — March 1, 2007 @ 1:01 am

  74. I know this is completely unrelated to your post, but thought you might be rather surprised to know that you’ve been blocked by my work’s firewall under the category “Portuguese Pornography” (I kid you not!). I ran home to log on and find out exactly what had happened on your holiday, but alas no new posting. Hope you had a great time in Marrakech!!!

    Comment by Jo in Cayman — March 1, 2007 @ 2:41 am

  75. ‘Then I read Susie’s comment and am completely distracted – Susie we must know more.’

    Well the update is that we have told everyone involved now. He told his sister and I told the ex plus 1. The sister took it wonderfully well and just laughed about the ridiculousness of the whole situation. So much so that she told Ex plus one to calm down and stoping being such a baby. Ex plus 1 lost the plot with me. I was totally unprepared for his outrage and well, viciousness. As he started to loose his cool the focus of his anger shifted from me seeing the Boy to me still being friends with ‘his’ friends. There are a few who I developed good friendships with during the four years we were together. We seem to have been quite a few of the same parties recently and I am going to his best friends wedding soon. He is not impressed, phrases like ‘but they were my friends first’ peppered the conversation. As I was listening to this I was asking myself what I ever saw in this childish and selfish man? It’s quite interesting to be experienceing the antithesis (hopefully) of what Petite is going through with Mr. Frog’s friends.

    So…..stayed over in the boy’s house during the week (we thought no one else was home) and when I was going to the shower the next morning I heard a very familiar voice in the next room…….

    Comment by Susie — March 1, 2007 @ 12:54 pm

  76. Hi – came here via the BWBD forum.

    Sorry it took so long. Mind you it took nearly as long to scroll through all these comments! Blimey! When do you find time to breathe???

    Wishing you loads of luck with the book. You’re getting lots of really good advance publicity in UK.

    Linked to you by the way. Presume that’s ok?

    Comment by Debi Alper — March 1, 2007 @ 3:53 pm

  77. I hope you’re having a great vacation. I finally finished reading all of your archives. It took me only a few months! Now I’m a bit disappointed that there isn’t anything left to read. So I resorted to impatiently waiting for you to return and blog some more. And, of course, for your book to come out.

    Love your writing.

    Comment by nataliya — March 1, 2007 @ 5:51 pm

  78. Dave of the Lake what is wrong? I’m behind on the comings and goings of regular bloggers. What’s happened to your liver and now your heart is aching?
    And what happened to the guy moving to France? I think he was called Bold Soul. And Trevor, you really make me chuckle – you are a naughty boy.

    Comment by Welsh Cake — March 2, 2007 @ 9:10 am

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