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January 5, 2007


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I’m currently in the UK doing family things, back in Paris with Tadpole tomorrow. Normal service will resume shortly.

In the meantime, perhaps I could enlist your help over here?

Other blogs which are, in my opinion, deserving of your support can be found in my sidebar.

I’ve never won a bloggie. Two years ago I was nominated in the “best new blog” category, up against defamer, which was clearly a flattering but doomed state of affairs. Last year I dropped off the Best European shortlist during the panel voting round, so I couldn’t even try to give Zed a run for her tiara.

Perhaps 2007 will be my year?


  1. “Other blogs which are, in my opinion, deserving of your support can be found in my sidebar.” this one is useful as voter *are* to nominate several candidates.

    Comment by Mardo — January 5, 2007 @ 11:49 am

  2. Ooooh, you shameless hussy!

    I can’t believe you mentioned it. I didn’t even know it was happening.

    What is this ‘Bloggies’?


    *ahem ahem*.

    Lots of love

    Comment by anna — January 5, 2007 @ 12:04 pm

  3. Oh, I wouldn’t worry about getting on the Best European long-list; I’d say you were a shoo-in. I’ve been a judge for a fair number of the long-list categories on a couple of occasions, and it’s clear that you don’t need that many votes to qualify.

    However, the enjoyably random bit comes when the judging panel whittles down the long-list of 30-odd to a short-list of 5, as unexpected and lesser-known sites have a habit of breaking through. That’s where the Bloggies still score quite high with me; well, that and the comparative lack of political and commercial sites, and more of a focus on the “personal”…

    Comment by mike — January 5, 2007 @ 12:32 pm

  4. (but-would-like-to-please)

    Comment by anna — January 5, 2007 @ 12:34 pm

  5. 2007 will be your year. I feel it in my water!!! Pop in for a cuppa if you want, seeing as how you’re in England. x

    Comment by JNH — January 5, 2007 @ 12:55 pm

  6. Yaxlich will certainly be voting for petite this year.

    Comment by Yaxlich — January 5, 2007 @ 1:16 pm

  7. I’ll vote for you! Am quite surprised you haven’t won a Bloggie yet. After all, this is clearly one of the best blogs on the net. 2007 shall be your year indeed!

    Comment by Ignorminious — January 5, 2007 @ 3:15 pm

  8. Enjoy your family time in the UK and I’m looking forward to reading you again in 2007.
    Have a fantastic 2007 and good luck with the bloggies – I know where MY votes will go!

    Comment by Little Miss No Name — January 5, 2007 @ 4:03 pm

  9. A tiara – to go with all those sexy new dresses you’ve bought – would be quite perfect. Vote for Petite!

    Comment by Meg — January 5, 2007 @ 6:01 pm

  10. It certainly should be. I think that yours is one of the best blogs around, and so worth reading for many reasons. We readers can experience the vicarious pleasure of living in Paris, (something so many of us would like to do, or to have done); enjoy the ups and downs of another person’s life, and – probably most importantly – appreciate a really well written and constructed blog. Good Luck, and Happy New Year.

    Comment by anno domini — January 5, 2007 @ 6:13 pm

  11. i think you should win for life achievement

    Comment by brem — January 5, 2007 @ 7:17 pm

  12. I doubt that. Two and a half years isn’t very long in the scheme of things, even if a lifetime’s worth of things have happened since I started…

    Comment by petite — January 5, 2007 @ 8:30 pm

  13. I did. I mean vote for you.

    Comment by alcessa — January 5, 2007 @ 9:13 pm

  14. Oooh, thanks for the tip Petite, & I’m afraid I will be following your shameless example. (See if Anna doesn’t!)

    Also, as I haven’t said it yet, thanks for a charming year of reading.

    All best, and may the best blogs win!

    Comment by Ms Baroque — January 5, 2007 @ 9:55 pm

  15. Of all the blogs I have dipped into, I find yours the most compulsive. So will 2007 be your year? Of course!


    Comment by jolly jolly ella jolly — January 5, 2007 @ 10:02 pm

  16. I’m curious as to why a Bloggie should be important to you at this stage. You have a book deal, your blog is already one of the most popular blogs of its kind. Do you really need a Bloggie to tell you that?

    Comment by anxious — January 5, 2007 @ 10:09 pm

  17. OK – you got my support.
    Didn’t even have to think about it for long…
    Discovered I couldn’t just lazy-vote for you in different categories – had to vote for three DIFFERENT blogs as well.
    So, that would be and the Girl….with balls.

    Do I get my wishes granted now please???

    Comment by andrew — January 6, 2007 @ 1:14 am

  18. i do wish you could sit amongst yourselves (e.g. anna, zoe, and you) and each pick a (seperate) catagory. It would make my life easier for sure.

    Petite – wishing you the best of luck

    Comment by ExAfrica — January 6, 2007 @ 2:20 am

  19. I didn’t even know there were blog awards – According to Time magazine, you’re already Person of the Year, don’tcha know? Your reward must be seeing those #s climb in your comments sections. You’re doing something right.

    Comment by wrong end of the telescope — January 6, 2007 @ 6:49 am

  20. No question about it, Petite’s is one of the best. You probably have all read it since it is in Petite’s recommended list but can I draw your attention to this particular post It’s one of the best I’ve read this year.

    Comment by Marcos — January 6, 2007 @ 12:07 pm

  21. Petite, I most certainly will vote for you. I have just recently discovered your blog (and have read it thoroughly) and blogging, and now I am addicted to both. Your blog is so well written, full of real-life and I just love to hear tadpole singing.

    Also, I hope it’s okay if I call you petite and that I mention you in my blog – see “inspiration and aspirations” and blog entitled “desperately seeking comments”.

    Comment by Frenchtobe — January 6, 2007 @ 4:10 pm

  22. You’ve already got my vote, Petite.
    And for blog of the year, as well.

    – Roads

    Comment by roadsofstone — January 6, 2007 @ 4:26 pm

  23. My vote – to read about your boozing and floozing about Paris? Sorry but you shouldn’t have quite your day job!

    Comment by SW France — January 6, 2007 @ 4:51 pm

  24. Petite, you can count on my vote if you send us a JPEG of your whoppers!

    Comment by Trevor — January 7, 2007 @ 12:29 am

  25. Petite… I tried but the site hates me. Just know I voted for you as the best!

    Comment by Danna — January 7, 2007 @ 1:03 am

  26. Re: Post 23 – does SW France stand for “sour-faced wazzock”? Or was you post in jest?

    Will deffo vote for you, petite. You have been a life-saver during my first few months living in crazy Paris. In fact I even quote you to my fiancé when he comes home from work…”petite was saying today that….” He now thinks you are someone I talk to at work…fool!!

    Hope you win

    Comment by petite ecossaise — January 7, 2007 @ 2:34 am

  27. WHY do people think inserting a “sorry” before insulting you (badly spelled and punctuated or not) makes it ok? Constantly astounded at what people will say, when distanced by cyberspace.

    You got my vote!

    Comment by Molly — January 7, 2007 @ 5:39 am

  28. Calme toi. All good things come to those who wait x

    Comment by fjl — January 7, 2007 @ 5:49 pm

  29. Have fun in England and come back soon!

    Comment by Lost in France — January 7, 2007 @ 11:40 pm

  30. I second Trevor!

    You scratch out backs and we’ll scratch yours.


    Comment by David in London — January 8, 2007 @ 12:06 am

  31. I find a bit annoying when people use this comment-box to advertise their own blogs. They never compare to this one.
    Also don’t give much for name-copies like petite-ecossaisse or David in London.

    This blog has become part of my daily-routine, at coffee-break I always take a peak to Paris.
    It is a bit as if I know you (quod non, I’m very much aware of).

    Give Tadpole a hug from me.

    Comment by Pieter — January 8, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

  32. I’m so sorry that I’ve upset your sensibilities, Pieter. I would change my name, but considering that I have been David in London since comment 1, I don’t see why I should.

    Just to clarify though, how is David in London a name copy eh? I am David, and I am in London. Seems fair enough to me. Am I obliged to use a nom de plume?

    More to the point, does it matter what anyone uses as their name? Or are you just bored, lonely, and in the mood for a pedantic comment?

    Comment by David in London — January 8, 2007 @ 6:21 pm

  33. Hi Petite

    You have my vote.


    Comment by Sally Lomax — January 8, 2007 @ 10:25 pm

  34. About #31: I think having commentors giving links to their own blogs in the signature is part of the fun. I have discovered some interesting blogs that way. If I like what I see, I keep going back; if I don’t, I have wasted a few minutes. I have also voted for Petite – good luck!

    Comment by Pierre L — January 8, 2007 @ 11:03 pm

  35. duly done :)

    Comment by warwick — January 10, 2007 @ 6:58 am

  36. your name is (too) much like Jim-in-Rennes, that’s all. Sorry to have offended you that much…

    Comment by Pieter — January 11, 2007 @ 10:57 am

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