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August 6, 2004

madame moustique

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Must start a moblog…

…if only to show you the size of the mosquito bite on my heel – sustained while minding my own business on the metro on the way to work this morning.


And now the one on my hand from yesterday’s journey is itching again too.

*scratch scratch*

The line 7bis metro runs in a little loop around the Buttes Chaumont park. Once upon a time, fact fans, this area used to be a quarry, so the metro tunnels here are deeper underground than elsewhere in Paris. It’s cool and moist and local mosquitoes love it (and me), so I am plagued all year round.

Evidently they have mutated into an especially evil breed equipped with razor-sharp proboscises. I can see no other explanation for how Madame Moustique (know your enemy: the female sucks blood, the male eats plants) managed to bore through the skin on my heel. Let’s just say a pedicure wouldn’t go amiss, so she must have been motivated.

So, if you are planning a trip to Paris, don’t forget to pack one of these. I’m told there are alternative uses, so you are unlikely to regret this purchase.


Word of the day – proboscises. I’ve not seen that word on a blog in absolutely ages.
Had to look it up, in fact. I’m pleased to report that I have a rather fine proboscises myself (according to one definition on

Thierry Henry!
Tim | Email | Homepage | 08.07.04 – 12:45 pm | #


Was plague by mozzies on holiday and scared to death of getting malaria (got legionnaire’s disease instead, but that’s another story). Now it’s the bloody wasps!

Good bloggage btw.
backroads | Email | Homepage | 08.08.04 – 9:39 am | #


merci bcp!
petite anglaise | Email | Homepage | 08.08.04 – 11:06 pm | #


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