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August 3, 2004

hopelessly naïve?

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“Red top” newspapers don’t exist in France, but if they did, they wouldn’t concern themselves with the extra-conjugal/sex messaging antics of the Svens and Beckhams of this world. The French thankfully know where to draw the line between things professional and personal, and do not consider a person’s abilities diminished/reputation irreparably damaged when guilty of succumbing to the charms of some pneumatic female. Quite the opposite: this kind of behaviour actually inspires respect. And someone who manages not to get caught trousers around ankles = a hero, because the real reason that French sensibilities are not offended by this sort of thing is that playing away from home is something of a national sport.

The mother in law of a friend of mine had the following words of wisdom to impart (in the context of a pre-marital pep talk): “…and the mistresses, well, they’re a fact of life. Nothing one can do about it but turn a blind eye”.

The Frog ‘works late’ every night. Allegedly.


I’ve heard that said a lot about the British press i.e. that they’re way mor eintrusive than the rest. Personally, though, I rankle at their constant use of the word “affair” regarding Sven and Palios.

I was sure that an “affair” involved at least one married partner. Neither of the two gents is married, nor is the secretary they were getting jiggy with. So it was a relationship, a fling, a bonk with someone at work.

Now, pardon me, but doesn’t this happen at virtually every office party to some extent?

Nice blog BTW, hopped over from Scaryduck.
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