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July 17, 2004

five second memory

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Spent a bit of time looking at old photograph albums today, as you do on a rainy day when you are trapped indoors with a toddler (who still has the runs).

Realised that the Frog had some hair when we first met and looked quite dashing. Attempted to convince myself that I am still as fresh faced and slim as I was at university (well if I kind of squint it’s almost true).

Themost worrying thingwas seeing myself pictured with people I know I knew really well only four or five years ago and not having the faintest idea what their names were.Not even their first names.I seem to have less brainpower than your average goldfish. The synapses just don’t . . . . link up.

Now I am trying to suppress a nagging feeling of anxiety about what other consequences the many and varied recreationals I so enthusiastically sampled in my youth will have on my mind and body… Not that I have any regrets however. My pearls of wisdom for anyone else who plans to take clubbing very seriously are:

  • Always write people’s names on the back of photographs, along with optional extra information like whether or not you liked/slept with them. If your paths cross again, this information will be priceles
  • Annotate your Glastonbury festival brochures. You’ll feel like a right turnip when someone asks you if you saw Primal Scream when they played in ’91 and you say you definitely were there but can’t remember.
  • Start blogging now. At least some shreds of your current life will be documented (and embellished) for future reference.

Now, there was something else I wanted to write about here but I’m afraid I can’t remember what it was.

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