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July 13, 2004

one week anniversary

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I have now been blogging for one week, and I’m mildly amused to see that I have had a handful of visitors. As I have told no-one of this site’s existence, and currently the only way you can find me on google is by typing “calpol and suppositories” or “Percival Goldman Esq”, I’m not entirely sure how people end up here. I even had one (albeit pervy) comment! My fifteen minutes of fame are upon me and I must use them wisely.

Am currently considering ways of attracting new visitors, and they include:

Including a (bogus) link to the Solomon/Hilton video (bogus as I think they are both making enough money out of that already)

Changing the description text to “diary of a nymphomaniac in Paris” (clearly not true, but the end justifies the means)

All suggestions welcome…

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