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July 11, 2004

barbecued octopus

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Just back from a weekend away in Toulouse with friends of my long-term live-in, commitment-phobic Frenchman. Highlights included barbecued octopus (!) and slightly more clement weather than Paris has been ‘enjoying’ of late. Lowlights included mosquitoes the size of pigeons, undeterred by an anti-mosquito plug that allegedly works by emitting a noise that mosquitoes have an aversion to (the insect world’s equivalent of Emma Bunton perhaps?)

I saw a mosquito sitting on the bloody plug so I want my money back.

I realise this blog may not be quite as gripping as belle de jour. I could take a leaf out of his/her book, e.g.

“today I am wearing white cotton mini briefs from a Tesco value multi-pack”

Or maybe not.

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