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July 9, 2004

is the point of this to get laid?

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reasons people have for creating weblogs © gaping void

Have been doing my blogging homework. With reference to the diagram above, I am not (at least not on a conscious level) writing this to get laid, I’m not one to be moved to prose by the situation in Iraq and I haven’t had a pet since Pixie the tabby cat (incidentally, I have a fantastic porn star name) went to live on a farm when I was five. My mother still maintains to this day that she was sent to live on a farm. But with the wisdom of hindsight I think she was probably sold to a taxidermist or a Chinese restaurant by the ‘farmer’. Luckily in those days, porn films involving pets and butter (cf popbitch) were not yet all the rage, otherwise her fate might have been porn kittenery and a cholestorol related death.

“Incoherent rant”? Only time will tell.

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